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As of January 1, 2019, GPS will begin distributing the following publishers:

Obvious State- World 

Microcosm Publishing- World x UK 

Urbane Publications- World x UK 

Aviation Supplies & Academics (ASA)- World 

Kaminn Media (Camino Travel Guides)- World x UK & EU 

New Hope Publishers- World 

Arcler Press- Australia, Latin America, & Caribbean ONLY 

As of August 1, 2018, GPS began distributing the following publisher:

Jacaranda Books- EU, ME, IN, LAMC, Africa 

As of June 1, 2018, GPS will begin distributing the following publishers:

Featured Titles

8 Little Planets/ October 2018

by Chris Ferrie

ISBN: 9781492671244 | $10.99

A delightfully fun, fact-filled planetary tale from the creator of the Baby University series! Travel around the solar system and celebrate what makes each planet unique! Vibrant, joyful art, playful verse, and a fun die-cut shape are sure to have astronomers of all ages celebrating their own uniqueness while they party with the planets.

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But First We Nap / September 2018

by David Miles

ISBN: 9781641700177 | $8.99

Sloth wants to nap. Rabbit doesn't. Who will win in the end? For every parent who's struggled to get their child to nap, But First, We Nap is a hilarious book to replace the naptime wrestle. Funny illustrations depict Rabbit upping his antics while the ever-patient sloth repeats, "But first, we nap." Finally worn out, Rabbit gives in, and the pair—and hopefully your child—snuggle and nod off. The perfect book for nap time!

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More French Slanguage/ March 2018

by Mike Ellis

ISBN: 9781423648291 | $9.99

With this newest volume in the best-selling Slanguage series, author Mike Ellis provides translations and pronunciation guides for nearly 300 more French words and phrases, focusing on such categories as clothing and fashion, dining, entertainment, cooking and baking, and destinations. These pocket-sized guides are easy to use and make great gifts for kids or adults who want a fun way to learn the basics of a new language.

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Bury What We Cannot Take/ July 2018

by Kirstin Chen

ISBN: 9781542049719  | $14.95

To prove his loyalty to the Party, Ah Liam reports his grandmother to the authorities for taking a hammer to a framed portrait of Chairman Mao. But his belief in doing the right thing sets in motion a terrible chain of events. Against the backdrop of early Maoist China, this captivating and emotional tale follows a brother, a sister, a father, and a mother as they grapple with their agonizing decision, its far-reaching consequences, and their hope for redemption.

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